Hi! I’m Caitlin. Thank you for visiting and I hope to meet you soon! Welcome to the world of Pisces Intuition :)

You are correct if you guessed I’m a PISCES. (Was it the title that gave it away?) I’m actually a Double Pisces and then some. This astrological blueprint of mine lends to the way I see and experience the world which is through a deep empathy, sensitivity and natural intuitive ability.

In true Pisces form, I have been drawn to the arts all my life ever since I was a child. I recall creating "experiences" for those I loved. Like when my brother and I ran around with sheets over our heads to a Disney cassette tape. Ending prematurely when he tripped over himself and fell, crying. (All in the name of art.) And then there were the numerous self-directed Spice Girls concerts I performed for the neighborhood on my friend’s wraparound deck when I was thirteen. The list goes on.

I eventually evolved, and through the years I have expressed myself creatively through the mediums of acting for stage and camera, singing (classical, pop, rock, broadway), poetry, and spoken word. I have gotten to live abroad in London to further my acting studies in a conservatory, have performed spoken word and poetry at the famed Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York City, and have had opportunities to tour Europe four years in a row with a singing group in college. These are colorful and enriching memories that I hold with a deep fondness in my heart. 

I’ve found that this passion for creativity and expression has bridged into a rich exploration of the healing arts in this new chapter of my life. Though I think the wheels were always turning, quietly searching for what modality I was meant for. I explored the ideas of Astrology, Palmistry, Acupuncture, Tarot, Shamanism but Reiki called me in a clear and specific way. Synchronicities unfolded that guided me quickly to my Reiki Master, Chona Bernado, who I thank for both my Reiki I & II Attunements honoring the Usui/Holy Fire System and for the kind, dynamic introduction to this craft. In addition to my private practice, I also volunteer regularly at Heal One World, a nonprofit organization offering alternative and holistic health services to those in need, and participate in community events including the Better Angels Festival.

I’m fascinated by this holistic healing approach that is still a mystery even to its masters. I have seen small wonders. Through my practice of Reiki I have begun to acknowledge additional intuitive gifts which I have been honing. (Which in retrospect, I realize I had from a young age.) These gifts have deepened my understanding of the Reiki healing during the treatments I give and allow for me to share a more specific download of information and/or messages received afterwards as needed. I have also been working regularly with a wonderfully kind and talented clairvoyant healer, Deganit Nuur. 

Overall, I think one of my favorite parts of this practice is how humbling it is. Reiki clears energetic blockages so your life force can flow in truer alignment and more freely though you. Though as the healer I serve as just the channel between the divine energy source and the healer that lives inside of you. Allowing you to access more deeply your body's own ability to heal in whatever way that may be for you. And here's what I love: Reiki works based on how open you are to receiving healing. It can also work to release those blocks if you ask. Making each experience, unique.

To our highest healer within. 

Love and light,

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